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Go check it out! WSC again :wow:


WSC-2011 - World Screenshot Championship

Hello Everyone

We, of DitchDefault group, announce with much pride the WSC-2011.
the Digital War muwahahahaha

why I said the Championship, and not a Contest.

simple, to make it more intriguing, we put them face to face in battle. We want to see how far, you are able to go, knowing your opponents. not just a theme, but prerequisites. rules more challenging and, of

course, the heat of battle face-to-face (or not).hehe


Read the rules, prizes and sign in here…
Hey guys Customizers is hosting a nice contest! Check this out…


Wellcome to our 1st Themed desktops screenshot contest, the contest idea is simple: You must submit a screenshot based on the thematics purposed on the rules section. Be creative, search for the best resources to customize your desktop, and try your best.

And there will be prizes... what are you waiting for? ;)
Hey deskmodders first of all I just wanna say thanks to all of you who donated points for our contest. Really thanks :D

Secondly, thanks for the Desktop-Screenshots team and our GM OtisBee for the big help. Specially to dusti-san which was my right hand :thanks:

So let's see who won Urstyle :dummy:

:trophy: 1st position: :iconjeff-saiint:
... with Omen 8,25

:trophy: 2nd position: :iconroochaa:
... with Outside 7,5

:trophy: 3rd position: :iconxilajix3:
... with Grey... 7,4

Congratulations, champions! Take a look at the prizes.

:xmas: Special categories:

Best resource collection: Seahorsepip
... with Soft Sky

:points: 200 points

Most creative composition: Eonity
... with 25112010

:points: 200 points

That's it, Merry Christmas everyone! :santa:
Keep showing your deskie :lol:
Yeah finally! :dummy:
Firstly, I'd like to congratulate all of you. You guys did a great job, seriously :)
We had 37 great screenshots to judge! It took awhile ^^;

Here's the winners of the First Stage:

Xilajix3's Deep Rose...


2° & 3º jeff-saiint's TrueColors and RoOcHaA's Breath

:iconjeff-saiint: & :iconroochaa:

Have you seen the other screennies? ;)


Thanks to the judges!




:pointr: About:
For the Second Stage 3 shots were selected. The point is show how much you love customization, you must be creative! We would like to see some customized wallpaper, an awesome opened picture, a huge custo stuff collection and etc. The most creative and beautiful scrennie takes the prizes. It's simple! :dummy:

Congratulations and good luck :dummy:

Same rules!

:note: Calendar
15/Dec - The Second Stage ends.
17/Dec - Final Results + Prizes.

Let's see who's gonna win 1 year of Premium Membership, features and more! :eyes:

:new: We got some major updates regarding the prizes! :new:
Thanks to OtisBee for supporting our contest!
The following have been added to the prize list:

1st place = 12 months premium sub
2nd place = 6 months premium sub
3rd place = 3 months premium sub

This means we've got some major kickass prizes for the top3! :w00t:
See the whole prizelist in our opening blogpost desktop-screenshots.deviantart…

* There's 4 judges, one color for each one of them.
* Each one of us spent more than four hours to judge so please, don't complain about your grade cos we shared everything.
* The judgement method Resources: 1-10, Organization: 1-10, Difficulty: 1-10 in this order.
Almost there!
Hey guys we're almost done. I guess everyone already posted their entry for the contest! Well, good luck then! :)

More than 35 entries! :dummy: :clap:

ps. We're still accepting entries (you can send us a note with your entry until 00:00 (midnight) of your Time zone)

Results: 07/Dec

Stay tuned deskmodders :salute:

Update: DO NOT update your screenshot! It was allowed before 5/DEC.

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